RPG Note CardsWeb application for playing Fate Core and similar games online

The RPG Note Cards is a web application for playing Fate Core or similar games with others over the Internet. I created this app to play the Fate Core with my friends.

I've been looking for an existing solution for a long time, but I've always come to something that supports the game with miniatures, mapping, and complex character sheets. This has but little use in the Fate. In the Fate games we need only a simple way to create sticky notes and place them on shared game table where they are clearly visible for reference. Then a couple of tokens and dices.

Beyond the Fate

The RPG Note Cards is developed with the Fate Core in mind but it can be used to play any other similar games. If you are missing support for some game mechanics or information presentation for your game which can be fitted in the paradigma of the application, please contact me on the feedback email.


If you find a bug in the application or if you think the application can be improved to better fit your play style please contact me at feedback email.


Translation of the Ladder and Skill list Presets

If you want to have Ladder or Skill List in your language and don't want to fill it each time you create a new game, send me the translated list and I will add it to the ladder/skills presets.

Translation of the User Interface

If you want to help me by translating the UI to your language, please contact me. I will be happy to add additional languages.

Please read the Basic Concepts before running your first game



Added Traditional Chinese localization (thanks to Wei Hung/洪偉).


Added German localization (thanks to Markus Raab).

2018-12-27Version 4

Card Groups: Cards can be optionally sorted into groups. Groups are identified by their name which is filled in the card properties dialog. Groups are stacked vertically and sorted alphabetically. Full Size...

Stable Ordering: Cards within the group are ordered by their title. This ordering is just a hint for the card positioning engine which tries to reorder the cards to make them use less space.

Note: The ordering of the cards can be affected by choosing right card names. For example you can prefix the names with letters A,B,C,...

Copy Card Action: Cards can be created from another card by one click. Use icon content_copy in card header. This functionality can be used to prepare card templates.