RPG Note Cards - Change Log


ZH Localization

Added Traditional Chinese localization (Wei Hung/洪偉).


DE Localization

Update of German localization (Markus Raab).


DE Localization

Added German localization (thanks to Markus Raab).


RU Localization

Update of Russian localization (thanks to Dmitry Valkov).


Card Groups

Cards can be optionally sorted into groups. Groups are identified by their name which is filled in the card properties dialog. Groups are stacked vertically and sorted alphabetically.

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Stable Ordering

Cards within the group are ordered by their title. This ordering is just a hint for the card positioning engine which tries to reorder the cards to make them use less space.
Note: The ordering of the cards can be affected by choosing right card names. For example you can prefix the names with letters A,B,C,...

Copy Card Action:

Cards can be created from another card by one click. Use icon content_copy in card header. This functionality can be used to prepare card templates.

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